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DataFox helps sales and marketing teams prospect smarter and have thoughtful, personalized conversations at exactly the right time.

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Enrich, Prioritize & Expand

Bring your stale Salesforce data back to life and identify new accounts in your territory. Prioritize your time and focus on the best opportunities.


Find Qualified Prospects Faster

DataFox brings together the world’s best data sources to help sales reps find new account and contact information for the world’s fastest-growing companies.

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Receive Automated, Relevant Sales Triggers

Spend less time looking for the perfect reason to reach out using actionable, summarized news articles specific to your accounts.

+34%  Increased Response Rate
+54%  Increase in Companies Reached
+75%  Time Savings

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Our team of Salesforce veterans were sick of having to spend countless hours searching Google and trawling through LinkedIn to prospect companies, so we built DataFox automate prospecting. With our tools, you can build a prospect list in seconds.

4 Ways to Search for Similar Companies with DataFox

With DataFox, you can save time by using our Similar Companies Algorithm, which leverages our machine learning technology to identify competitors and build industry landscapes.

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Account-based marketing is more than just a trend in the sales world: it represents a shift from the idea of chasing deals individually, to strategically prioritizing and coordinating between sales and marketing teams. Read on for a definition of account-based marketing, an overview of key tactics and best practices.