Video Notes

Hyperscaling Inside Sales: Parker Conrad & Sam Blond (Zenefits)

Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross interviewed CEO Parker Conrad and VP Sales Sam Blond about Zenefits’ growth from 0 to 100 reps in 2014. The interview took place at the SaaStr Annual Conference on February 5, 2015. For more details, visit 20x Growth in 2014 Zenefits had a phenomenal 2014, growing revenues from a $1M to…

The Commoditization of Cloud Storage. An Interview with Box CEO @levie

Aaron Levie is the ‘lead magician’ (and CEO) at Box and is the number one person you should be following on Twitter. Levie was interviewed by Dan Primack at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference and the topic was the future of the enterprise. We summarized it for you (and more) in this week’s Notes from the video you should have watched.