The Intelligent CRM

The Intelligent CRM

Part 1

The Origin of CRM

A CRM should provide intelligence to the sales team, not the other way around.

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Part 2

CRM is the “System of Record” for Sales

Your CRM is a critical piece of infrastructure. Is it correct and complete?

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Part 3

“Accounts” Are The Vertebrae of Your CRM

In B2B sales, the companies you sell (Accounts) are the essential building block of your CRM.

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Part 4

The Empty Filing Cabinet

How is it that CRM does not contain all of your potential business customers?

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Part 5

The Missing Company Problem

Everybody can’t row in the same direction if they don’t all know where they are going.

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Part 6

Your CRM Data is a Mess

Is your CRM riddled with errors? Our wide-scale analysis says yes.

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