Know the entire universe of private companies within any sector.



Build competitor lists and run sector screens in minutes

Use DataFox for both sell-side and buy-side research. Apply granular search criteria along with our similar companies algorithms to build a complete list of companies.

Find More Best-Fit Accounts

Find companies ripe for an acquisition

Track sectors to understand which companies are growing the fastest or reaching important milestones.

Prioritize Your Accounts


Stay current on new companies that enter a sector

Set up sector searches based on your focus areas and DataFox can actively push you new companies through dynamic lists and alerts.

Monitor Your Target Companies

On-demand list crunching services. Send us your list and we’ll match and enrich it for you.

You can even request custom list scrubs if you find a sector, award, or conference list we don’t have yet. We’ll crunch it for you!


Find every conference in your sectors of interest

Use our conference lists to screen for potential targets or find opportunities to meet with executives.

Maximize Conference ROI


Never miss a deal because of stale data

Rather than letting company data get stale in your CRM or spreadsheets, keep it fresh via API, CRM integrations, and our CSV import-export enrichment. Seamlessly infuse intelligent data into your lists and workflows.

“We used to spend a ton of time and resources tracking conferences, figuring out who would attend, and most importantly, segmenting participants by headcount, financing, and growth characteristics. DataFox has eliminated all of the grunt work we used to do so we can focus on higher-level decision making.

Jeff Koons

Vice President, Vista Point Advisors

Turbocharge your private company sourcing.

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