Data and Insights to Orchestrate Your Account-Based Marketing

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BrightTALK is Aligning Marketing and Sales

Having clearly defined customer profiles makes it easier to identify prospective customers. BrightTALK leverages DataFox to discover high-value accounts that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and route those accounts to the right marketing and sales teams.



Get The Clean Data Foundation You Need For Account-based Marketing

DataFox’s helps you clean your CRM of dead or duplicate data and drive intelligent segmentation based on rich, audited firmographic and signals data.

Gain Insight Into Your Ideal Customer Profile

Discover commonalities among your best customers. Arm with yourself with key indicators for new opportunity segments such as growth signals, conferences they attend, or technologies they use.

Expand Your Total Addressable Market

Identify and prioritize target accounts based on data-driven segments. Use over 40+ filtering options to identify all possible similar or "ideal fit" prospects in your target segment.

Prioritize Target Accounts by Growth Potential

We use artificial intelligence to identify growing companies. Enable your sales reps to prioritize their time with not just static firmographics, but also company momentum signals.

Ongoing Lead Enrichment and Account Routing

Leverage DataFox APIs, CRM integrations, and marketing automation webhooks to enrich leads, contacts, and accounts with firmographic data. Protect and enhance your ABM investment with intelligent data.

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DataFox enables your account-based marketing strategy

Maximize The ROI Of Your ABM Efforts

Learn how data-driven marketers use DataFox to grow their pipeline and drive efficient Account-Based Marketing

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