Get the data you need for account-based marketing

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Get rid of dead and duplicate data in your CRM

At the base of an Account-based strategy is account information. Clean and updated account data is the surest way to execute ABM.

Upgrade Your CRM Data


Develop a clear definition of your ideal customer

Discover commonalities among your best customers to add precision your ABM efforts. Arm yourself with key indicators for new opportunity segments such as growth signals, conferences they attend, or technologies they use.


Build a customized account scoring model

Combine account data from your CRM and DataFox to create and apply weights to ICP criteria. Craft a unified account scoring system and tweak it at any time to automatically update scores accordingly across all systems and objects.

Identify thousands of new accounts that fit your ideal customer profile.

Identify and prioritize high-value accounts. Use over 40+ filtering options to identify all possible similar or "ideal fit" prospects in your target segment.

Find More Best-Fit Accounts


Surface more leads by enriching them with Account insights

Leverage DataFox APIs, CRM integrations, and marketing automation webhooks to enrich leads, contacts, and accounts with account-level data.


“Our marketing team uses DataFox to create dynamic lists of high-scoring accounts which are pulled into our ABM model to support outbound sales.”

Kyle Lacy

VP of Marketing

It all starts with clean account data.

Get rid of bad data in your CRM and maximize the ROI of your ABM efforts. Grow your pipeline and drive efficient account-based marketing.