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Build sector screens based on your current investment themes

Automate thematic sourcing using the industry’s most powerful multi-dimensional search. Unearth needles in the haystack.

Find More Best-Fit Accounts


Identify companies that are prime for a capital raise

Receive automated, relevant alerts on companies in your pipeline to identify early signs of growth.

Prioritize Your Accounts


Get alerts when companies match your investment criteria

Set up sector searches based on your investment criteria and DataFox can actively alert you of new companies or those that aren’t in your CRM.

Automate Prospecting Tasks

Send us your list and we’ll crunch it for you on demand.

You can even request custom list scrubs if you find a sector, award, or conference list we don’t have yet. Let us handle the grunt work!


Find every conference within your current investment themes

Use DataFox to prioritize which conferences to attend based on the density of investable companies attending or to screen a higher volume of conference lists.

Maximize Conference ROI


Never miss a deal because of stale data

Rather than letting company data get stale in your CRM or spreadsheets, keep it fresh via API, CRM integrations, and our CSV import-export enrichment. Seamlessly infuse intelligent data into your lists and workflows.

“DataFox saves our sourcing team members between (8-10) hours per week: surfacing new companies, enriching/populating our CRM & automatically crunching lists or conferences for us.”

Mike McClure

Principal, Sageview Capital

Turbocharge your private company sourcing.

See why over 1,500 investment professionals trust DataFox to automate their private company sourcing across a variety of industries.