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Rainforest is Growing their Sales Development Team

Building a sustainable prospecting engine is incredibly challenging. The Rainforest QA team leverages DataFox to ensure that high-value prospects are discovered and systematically engaged.



Find More of The Right Companies to Go After

Find better, more strategic accounts using advanced cross-filters and Signals scores on priority accounts. Better prioritize your existing accounts AND find “net new” account prospects. Push the right lists in front of reps in a scalable way.

Improve Rep Productivity With Insights Inside Your CRM

Arm reps with the company signals that should trigger an email or call. Spoonfeed talking points to them through signal alerting or automated task creation when a prospect reaches a key milestone.

Boost Morale by Eliminating Needless Grunt Work

Automate the process of finding and prioritizing new prospects, keeping your team engaged and productive. Get key company insights delivered into the tools your reps already use.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Open Browser Tabs

Empower your reps with good accounts and a clean CRM. Get them out of Google and spreadsheets and back to hitting quota.

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Sales managers help their reps prioritize with DataFox for prospecting

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