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Tealium is Designing Sales Territories

From territory design to customer segmentation and forecasting, Tealium leverages DataFox Intelligence and Orchestration platform to capture the right insights and deliver them directly into the sales team’s workflow.

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Clean, Enrich, and Refresh Your CRM Data, Automatically

Establish a clean data foundation and then automatically infuse your CRM with intelligent data. We’ll automatically refresh your CRM with data and insights, so you can prioritize all your accounts, confident that they’re up to date.

Uncover Insights Into Your Ideal Customer Profile

Discover commonalities among your best customers so you can have clearer definition of your ideal customer profiles.

Expand Your Total Addressable Market

Use over 40+ filtering options to identify all possible similar or "ideal fit" prospects in a rep’s territory.

Design Fair, Data-driven Territories

Infuse your CRM with both firmographic data AND company growth signals to design the fairest territories.

Intelligently Prioritize People and Companies in Your CRM

Prioritize which accounts your team should reach out to. Our Signals tell you when your accounts reach a key milestone and helps prioritize when to reach out. Use DataFox’s rich company data and Signal data to score leads, contacts, and accounts.

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Sales ops discuss how they use DataFox for account enrichment and prioritization

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