Intelligent data for brilliant sales operations.


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Clean and enrich your existing CRM data set

Establish a clean data foundation and then automatically infuse your CRM with intelligent data.

Upgrade Your CRM Data


Get auto-refreshing CRM data and insights, forever

We’ll automatically refresh your CRM with data and insights, so you can prioritize all your accounts, confident that they’re up to date.

Account Data for Accounts


Expand your total addressable market

Use an industry-leading array of company search and prioritization options to identify all target accounts in your addressable market.

Find More Best-Fit Accounts


Design fair, data-driven territories

Infuse your CRM with both firmographic data AND company growth signals to design the fairest territories.

Design Data-Driven Territories


Prioritize accounts for intelligent, data-driven outreach

Our Signals tell you when your accounts reach a key milestone and helps prioritize when to reach out.


Design equitable, data-driven sales territories

Tealium leverages DataFox’s Company Intelligence and Data Management to segment potential customers, design sales territories and create more accurate forecasts.


But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

DataFox provides us with intelligent company data needed to map multiple accounts to the same company. With their account scoring tool, we’re evaluating the quality of every account on an ongoing basis and creating tiers for our account selection process.

Laurie Schraeger

Laurie Schraeger

VP of Global Revenue Operations

We use DataFox to direct our sales team where to focus. We use DataFox to help our marketing team deliver segmented messaging and relevant content. We use DataFox to keep our database clean. We couldn’t do everything that we do without it.

Palen Schwab

Palen Schwab

Director of Sales & Marketing Ops

When building out our outbound sales engine, we defined which data points we needed to be spot on, and which vendor was best for each. We ended up replacing three providers with DataFox - they cover firmographics, technographics, and signals really well.

Maxwell Lydstone

Maxwell Lydstone

Sr. Director of Business Ops