Eliminate account research with intelligence fed into your team’s workflows

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Feed account intelligence directly into sales workflows

Eliminate time spent Googling for information and reading through company press releases. Eliminate research time in favor of more customer conversations.


Spend more time selling, not researching and entering data

No more looking for data and entering it, push rich new accounts into your CRM with one click. Get out of Google searches and spreadsheets and back to hitting your quota.


Want instant insights on any company website?

Try our free chrome extension and infuse it with your team’s prioritization criteria.



Always have the perfect reason to reach out

Receive automated, perfectly catered messaging on your companies. Stop opening twelve browser tabs looking for the perfect reason to reach out.


Discover high-value accounts and systematically engage them.

The Rainforest QA sales reps leverage DataFox to ensure that high-value prospects are discovered and systematically engaged.


But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

A timely follow-up on a DataFox signal raises our sales conversion rates. If we reach out to prospects right after a funding event, we do way better than if we reach out cold.

Maxwell Lydstone

Maxwell Lydstone

Sr. Director of Business Ops

As an AE, I have over 500 accounts in my name. I can leverage the signals in DataFox to prioritize my accounts and make sure I'm reaching out when the time is right.

Billy Glasspole

Billy Glasspole

Account Executive

DataFox is instrumental in enriching our Salesforce leads and accounts with valuable data points for location, headcount, and industry, so our sales team knows which accounts to prioritize for closing more business.

Madeline Lauf

Madeline Lauf

Manager, Marketing Operations

Want to avoid tedious account research?

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