Company information backed by our AI-powered business database

Private Company Database

Reveal 70+ firmographic or technographic data points within our database of millions of companies

Identify Business Milestones

Use real-time Signal Data to look up businesses based on specific milestones

Surface Best-Fit Companies

Account Scoring engine ranks top tier companies and syncs company information to your CRM


“Datafox has provided the ability to filter through all companies and sort based on good identifying reasons to reach out such as funding date, company size, tech stack, industry, and recent news.”

Sam Koekkoek

Business Development


Company info

DataFox’s machine learning and natural language processing algorithms structure data on millions of businesses and deliver reliable company info into the workflows where they’re needed. With more than 70+ firmographic, technographic and real-time market signals, identify new companies to target.

In order for your sales and marketing teams to increase their ROI, use our account scoring engine to select your best-fit companies and rank your top companies. For more efficiency, our workflow orchestration also enables you to synchronize all your company information directly into your CRM with clean data. Don’t waste any more time with bad company info, contact us now!