Cleanse, Match, and Enrich Your CRM Data

Cleanse Messy Data

Find data inconsistencies and refresh your CRM with reliable company data

Match Duplicates

Automatically surface duplicates and map account hierarchies

Ongoing Enrichment

40+ firmographic data points continuously update your CRM data

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“DataFox allowed us to achieve high growth objectives by surfacing best-fit accounts without thousands of hours of data cleanup.”

Daniel Chalef

SVP Growth, Sparkpost

CRM Data Cleaning

Considering an account-based marketing strategy for your business? Get rid of dead and duplicated data in your CRM first!

DataFox is a CRM data cleansing tool that helps the most progressive companies in the world clean and enrich their CRMs. Find data inconsistencies and duplicate accounts and enrich your CRM with reliable firmographic and technographic data. Once bad data enters your CRM, it’s difficult to to remove it. DataFox mission is to clean company data before integrating it to DataFox company profiles.

DataFox combines data from 50+ different sources and hundreds of hours invested by analysts in algorithm training and data verification to provide you with the best data cleaning service. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to find incomplete or outdated account information and repair them. Clean & updated account data is the surest way to execute an effective ABM strategy and increase you ROI.


CRM Data Cleaning