Sharpen your go to market strategy with a well-defined target market

Visualize Your Market

Enrich your market profile with 70+ data points from DataFox’s AI-sourced company database

Reveal Market Insights

Real-time Company Signals identify company milestones indicating propensity to buy

Find Best-Fit Companies

Account Scoring ranks new, top tier companies based on your custom target market criteria


“DataFox helps me find new startups in areas of strategic interest and provides analytics to help prioritize my engagements.”

Steve Proffitt

Director, Corporate Development


Define Target Market

Define your target market by using a data-driven approach and understanding your ideal customer profile. Using AI-sourced and human-audited data you can easily strengthen the evaluation of your ICP with a target market analysis. Using past customer data to surface characteristics of your best-fit accounts, DataFox provides extensive firmographic data combined with real-time market signals to help you craft a succinct target market strategy.

Identifying the right target market profile first ensures that your future sales and marketing efforts are aligned with your ideal target market definition, allowing you to run targeted campaigns and prospect smarter. With a clear understanding of your best-fit accounts, intelligent insights drive your account scoring model to identify best-fit companies.