Define your ideal customer profile for an effective account-based strategy

Identify Your ICP

Enrich your ideal customer profile with 70+ data points from DataFox’s AI-sourced company database

Reveal Signal-Based Triggers

Real-time Company Signals identify company milestones indicating propensity to buy

Find Ideal Customers

Account Scoring ranks new, top tier companies based on your custom target market criteria


Account selection

Develop a clear definition of your ideal customer

Discover commonalities among your best customers to add precision to your ABM efforts. Arm yourself with key indicators for new opportunity segment such as growth signals, conferences they attend, or technologies they use.

“DataFox allowed us to achieve high growth objectives by surfacing best-fit accounts without thousands of hours of data cleanup.”

Daniel Chalef

SVP Growth


Ideal customer profile

To maximize your ROI with an account-based strategy, you first need to define your ideal customer profile. Use DataFox to update your CRM with intelligent data to detect stale records, data irregularities, and then enrich your customer profile with 50+ firmographic data points.

Pairing clean company data with signal-based triggers surfaces your best-fit customers and indicates changing propensity to buy. Layering together deep company insights and signal data drives a powerful analysis of your ideal customer profile and easily defines your target market. Then, with account scoring quickly rank new companies based on your ideal customer profile criteria and find similar customer profiles to quickly grow your total addressable market.

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