Improve sales productivity with data-driven sales territory management

Segment with Robust Data

Enrich your CRM accounts with 70+ firmographic data points and parent/child hierarchies

Map Territory Coverage

DataFox’s CRM integration visualizes coverage of existing or net new best-fit accounts

Design Equitable Territories

Rank accounts based on existing tiers, or input your custom ICP criteria, to ensure even distribution by tier


Account selection

Design your sales territories quickly and equitably

It’s easy to carve intelligent and equitable sales territories when you have accurate headcount, location, and other data points relevant to your business. Easily test and develop different territory strategies with DataFox powerful filters and list segmentation.

Account selection

Calculate and compare territory strength

With premium company data on every account in your CRM, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons across territories. Reporting on the # of 1st and 2nd tier account in each territory, rather than other more subjective measures of territory strength.

Account selection

“We use DataFox to direct our sales team where to focus. We use DataFox to help our marketing team do segment messaging and deliver relevant content. We use DataFox to keep our database clean. We couldn’t do everything that we do without it.”

Palen Schwab

Director of Sales & Marketing Ops


Sales territory management

Looking to improve your sales team productivity? Focus on designing fair and equitable sales territories backed by a robust, data-driven strategy. With 70+ firmographic data points, account hierarchies, and company growth signals, you can easily clean and enrich your CRM with quality data. By leveraging deep company insights, you can eliminate geographical boundaries and instead focus on sales territory management defined by account segmentation.

With premium company data on every account, easily rank accounts based on tiers or account score and empower your sales team with real-time signal data. Monitor your sales territory approach with DataFox filters and list segmentation to quickly compare territory strength and draw comparisons across territory coverage. Territory carving derived from robust data enables your sales team to work smarter and spend more time selling to the right customers.