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The 10 fastest-growing companies in Chattanooga

We've ranked the top companies in Chattanooga by our proprietary Growth Score, an algorithm that predicts a company's chance of growing in revenue and/or headcount. Here are the leaders, along with revenue, size and other information.

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1. Ambition, Inc

Keywords: enterprise software, saas, sales productivity, employee performance management, business analytics, data analysis, information technology and services

Optimizing Sales Performance.

2. SupplyHog

Keywords: construction, saas, e commerce platforms, ecommerce, marketplaces, bridging online and offline, shopping

SupplyHog is an online platform for contractors to buy building supplies and materials with personalized pricing and free shipping.

3. Skuid

Keywords: software, crm, connect. link to any object and pick the fields you want, deploy. activate pages and assign by profile or record type, assemble. drag and drop components and fields into pages, adjust. adapt pages at the speed of change, computer software

Create a killer Ui for any app and any device. No code. No kidding.

4. Nudge

Keywords: healthcare, health care information technology, big data, mobile health, digital health, health coaching, user experience

Nudge is an app that organizes health tracking data from apps/wearables to provide a simple snapshot of how healthy an individual is living.

5. Audience Point

Keywords: enterprise software, analytics, saas, big data, send time optimization, higher kpis, more brand impressions

AudiencePoint send time optimizes and delivers marketing campaigns across email, social networks.

6. Quickcue

Keywords: software, saas, hospitality, restaurants, food tech and media 2015, food tech and media 2015 reservations, quickcue

Quickcue helps restaurants deliver exceptional hospitality to guests on their visits through an iPad-based platform.

7. Skoodat

Keywords: education, colleges, cloud computing, software, edtech, education saas applications, education development tool kit

To use, your whole enterprise can connect, communicate and collaborate in the cloud more successfully.

8. Southtree

Keywords: curated web, start up, media, preservation, ecommerce, consumer services



Keywords: news, online publishing, search engines and internet portals, media and internet was founded in 2011.

10. Advanced Catheter Therapies

Keywords: biotechnology, healthcare, therapeutics, advanced catheter thereapies, atlanta catheter therapies, opc, occlusion perfusion catheter

Advanced Catheter Therapies develops catheter technologies targeting vascular disease including thrombosis, inflammation, and occlusions.

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