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The 10 fastest-growing companies in Durham

We've ranked the top companies in Durham by our proprietary Growth Score, an algorithm that predicts a company's chance of growing in revenue and/or headcount. Here are the leaders, along with revenue, size and other information.

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1. Digitalsmiths

Keywords: software, video, web development, curated web, data integration, digital media operations, multi screen content discovery

Digitalsmiths connects consumers to relevant video content through personalized search, recommendations and discovery.

2. Appia

Keywords: advertising, mobile, app stores, app discovery, mobile applications, mobile advertising, android

Appia is a mobile user acquisition network that delivers mobile app downloads to an extensive audience worldwide.

3. Bioventus

Keywords: healthcare, health diagnostics, bone stimulation devices, osteoarthritis joint fluid therapies, allogenic morphogenetic proteins, orthobiologics, medical device

4. CloudFactory

Keywords: enterprise software, web development, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, bpo services, data entry, transcription

CloudFactory, a distributed workforce company, automates business processes involving large volumes of data entry, collection or processing.

5. Automated Insights

Keywords: analytics, automotive, big data, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, content, sports

Automated Insights provides real-time content automation services to transform data into narratives, visualizations and applications.

6. Spoonflower

Keywords: curated web, art, handmade, diy, custom fabric, digital textile printing, fabric design

Spoonflower is an online community built around fabric and textile design offering custom fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap and decal printing.

7. PlotWatt

Keywords: analytics, energy efficiency, renewables and environment, highly energetic and innovative startup, premoney conference vc investments, home energy management vendor ecosystem customer engagement, home energy management vendor ecosystem customer engagement customer analytics applications

PlotWatt develops personalized home energy monitoring solutions that help individuals and businesses reduce their energy bills.

8. Zift Solutions

Keywords: advertising, saas, channel marketing automation, social media syndication, content syndication, lead distribution management, through partner marketing

Zift Solutions offers a channel marketing automation platform that provides turnkey marketing to indirect sales organizations.

9. Shoeboxed

Keywords: curated web, payments, productivity software, accounting, small business accounting, small business bookkeeping, receipt organization

The fast, easy way to turn a pile of receipts into organized digital data.

10. Validic

Keywords: enterprise software, applications, mhealth, developer apis, big data, healthcare, pharmaceuticals

The healthcare industrys premier technology platform for convenient, easy access to digital health data from best-in-class clinical.

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