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The 10 fastest-growing companies in Oklahoma City

We've ranked the top companies in Oklahoma City by our proprietary Growth Score, an algorithm that predicts a company's chance of growing in revenue and/or headcount. Here are the leaders, along with revenue, size and other information.

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1. Sandridge Energy

Keywords: oil and gas, energy, oil and energy, electricity, oil and gas, energy, utilities and waste treatment, petrochemicals, chemicals, petrochemicals, glass and gases

A resource conversion company.

2. Tronox

Keywords: industrial, pigment, titanium dioxide, mineral sands, mining, zircon, pig iron

Tronoxs chemicals division provides innovative products to the energy storage, paper, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

3. Monscierge

Keywords: software, hospitality, hotels, hospitality solutions, touch screen solutions, mobile applications, guest experience

Monscierge is an international software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions.

4. Tailwind

Keywords: analytics, social bookmarking, social media marketing, social media, advertising, social commerce, social media platforms

Tailwind is a Pinterest analytics and marketing platform that enables brands to understand their audience in order to generate ROI.

5. QuiBids

Keywords: ecommerce, fashion, auctions, online auctions, fun, entertainment, games

Quibids is an online auction site that provides users with deals on retail items.

6. UR Mobile

Keywords: mobile, enterprise mobility, cross platform mobile solutions, mobile websites, high end agency mobile solutions, internet, search engines and internet portals

UR Mobile provides mobile solutions, including its Ignite CMS platform, to creative agencies and enterprise-level organizations.

7. Innovative Construction

Keywords: commercial roofing, residential roofing, historic restoration, slate roofing, storm restoration, construction, commercial and residential construction

St. Louis Roofing contractor specializing in commercial and specialty roofs such as slate and tile. Specialize in historic flat and slate roofs in St. Louis.

8. Seventy Seven Energy

Keywords: drilling, pressure pumping, oilfield rentals, oil and energy, electricity, oil and gas, energy, utilities and waste treatment, oil and gas exploration and services

We are a diversified oilfield services company that provides a wide range of wellsite services and equipment to U.S. land-based exploration.

9. Local TV

Keywords: news, media production, superfans, insulation, dog training, for safe families, app update


10. Altheus Therapeutics

Keywords: biotechnology, drug development, pharmaceuticals, healthcare

Altheus Therapeutics develops Zoenasa oral tablets and Rectal gel formulations in treating bowel diseases.

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