Build your own automated company sourcing engine.

Leverage these core building blocks to power your custom workflows.


The DataFox difference.

Why should I leverage the DataFox API’s?

Data Quality

  • Proprietary data points that no other company can provide
  • Automatic data updates from DataFox that ensures CRM or database accuracy

Company Data

Ease of integration

  • Seamlessly integrated into your CRM or database
  • Easy setup and ongoing maintenance

Customer-centric Support

  • Experienced team implementing API across a variety of firms and internal systems
  • Technical resources for ongoing troubleshooting and enablement
  • Documentation and advance notifications on all API update releases and improvements
  • Web application access for API configuration and full platform functionality

Company Firmographics

Leverage DataFox to effortlessly enrich and continuously maintain more than 40 critical company data points across your CRM or internal database. Having a full and accurate picture of the companies and ideal targets in your CRM or internal database is critical to identifying business opportunities.

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Company Signals

A unique company datapoint that no other company can provide. Know immediately when a company you’re interested exhibits an interesting signal, such as a new office opening, hiring a new VP of sales, or registers to attend a conference near you. Customize which alerts you’d like to receive (and where, and when)

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Turbocharge your conference strategy to prioritize, save time, and find new customers. Find conferences by sector, location, and more. See how many of your existing accounts will be there, and discover conference events you were not aware of with a high percentage of your accounts in attendance.

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How It Works

  • RESTful API with responses returned in JSON
  • API traffic over HTTPS so it’s encrypted and secure
  • Default rate limit set at 3 calls/second (increases available) to ensure service quality
  • Standard OAuth 2.0 flow to authorize and authenticate API clients and users
  • Programming language agnostic

“The DataFox integration has finally allowed us to get everything out of our CRM that we wanted and, as an organization, everyone has realized why we need a CRM with great data and prospecting tools.”

Dan Ward