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Learn about a company while on their webpage.

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Quickly access headcount, funding, location, and more.

Get out of endless browser tabs trying to find out if a company in in your territory, or if they have the appropriate headcount for you to be talking to them. All the information you need is available right at your fingertips with just one-click.



Find out if a company is owned in Salesforce with just one-click.

No need to go to Salesforce to see if a company has an account owner or not. Save time, find more companies to sell to and focus on closing instead.


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Have a great customer? Wish you had 10, 20, or even 100 similar companies just like them? Now you do! Identify similar companies to sell to with just one-click.


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Evan Castellano

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Leo Polovets

“Love this thing.”

Karim Faris

Get company info without leaving their website.

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