Accelerate your account-based marketing by enriching Marketo with account intelligence

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Break the barrier between leads and accounts

Build a strong data

Use a webhook to enrich leads with verified DataFox company data (and any of your Salesforce Account fields)

Identify high-value

Leverage account data in scoring models to surface high-value prospects who otherwise would go untouched.

Enable hyper-targeted
marketing programs

Create more personalized programs, optimize scoring models, and effectively route leads all from your Marketo workflow.

Map every account field to your leads

Accurate account data is critical to the success ofany account-based strategy for territory planning, lead enrichment, and distribution. We use DataFox as a source of truth because their headcount and technology stack information are extremely accurate.

David Aguilar

Director of Sales Operations at Invoca



This step-by-step guide willshow you how to set up the DataFox for Marketo webhook in just minutes.

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5 Ways Account-Based
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Account-based marketing is all about being laser-focusedon your best-fit prospects instead of doing "spray and pray" marketing with traditional lead generation. Because startups are smaller, sales and marketing teams have fewer resources. They have to get creative with finding ways to grow revenue.

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