AI-sourced, human-audited company data infused into Salesforce. 

In the age of intelligence, every data-driven business needs good underlying data because artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data behind it. DataFox offers two different ways for you to infuses data directly into Salesforce so that your sales, marketing, and success teams are all aligned on a clean foundation of customer and prospect data.

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DataFox EnrichDataFox Orchestrate
Account enrichment with company data fuels territory carving and account prioritizationInfuse your CRM with actionable business insights and intelligent workflows. Use DataFox’s applications to identify new accounts and prospects
Best ForThe most seamless way to add company data added to your existing Salesforce accounts.Net new company prospecting, signals on priority accounts, account scoring, and more.
Data Diagnostic
Account Enrichment
Net New Account Search
Lead to Account Matching
Lead & Contact Enrichment with Account Insights
Net New Contact Search
Signal Data
Conference Intelligence
Account Ranking
Connect The Dots
More detailsCRM EnrichCRM Orchestrate
Get Started via SalesforceDataFox Enrich on Lightning DataDataFox Orchestrate on App Exchange

Fuel your business with clean account data and automated workflows.

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“DataFox is instrumental in enriching our Salesforce leads and accounts with valuable data points for location, headcount, and industry, so our sales team knows which accounts to prioritize for closing more business.

Madeline Lauf

Manager, Marketing Operations, Flexport

It's time to upgrade your Salesforce data

A CRM should provide intelligence to your sales team, not the other way around.