Orchestrate your Salesforce with Intelligent Data

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Prevent duplicate accounts from being created

DataFox uses advanced anomaly detection algorithms to identify duplicate accounts, stale records, and hidden corruptions in your CRM data.


Fill in empty account records and keep them up to date

Append firmographic, technographic, and signal data to your accounts, leads, and contacts. Sync them to DataFox for automatically refreshed account data.


Find new accounts that you haven’t added to Salesforce

By connecting your Salesforce account to DataFox, you can then filter for companies not yet in your CRM. Giving you valuable “net-new” companies to pursue.

Surface accounts similar to your customers in one click

The easiest companies to close are the ones most similar to your existing customers. Identify low-hanging fruit using our Similar Companies Engine, and win the business of all your customer’s competitors.


Automate tedious sales workflows to close more deals

Want a task to be automatically generated in Salesforce when a prospect reaches a key milestone like opening a new office, or a fresh round of funding? Well now you can with DataFox’s automated task creation for Salesforce!

“Datafox provides great account level data, and the connection to SFDC is flawless, allowing you to bring in any custom fields you want.”

Ben Knecht

Sr. Analyst, Sales Ops