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DataFox Slack integration lets you know instantly when companies you care about reach important milestones like new office openings and key hires.



Get the actionable company signals you need.

We give you the actionable company signals you need to close the deal, but don’t have the time or resources to uncover. Get hard-to-find company information and news on the companies that matter most, delivered right to Slack.

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Over 40 different signal types to choose from.

Unlike noisy Google Alerts, DataFox alerts are always relevant since you control what type of alerts you want to receive. Know anytime a competitor makes the news. Or when a California based fintech company hires a new VP of Sales. Connect DataFox to Slack to receive these specific alerts as soon as they happen.

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Reaching out when the time is right

“As an AE, I have over 500 accounts in my name. I can leverage the signals in DataFox to prioritize my accounts and make sure I'm reaching out when the time is right.”

Billy Glasspole

Account Executive, ZenDesk

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