Prospecting Misery Ends Here

DataFox helps B2B companies to target the right accounts at the right time and keep their databases up-to-date throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Only Platform Built For Account-Based Prospecting

The company data, contact details, and signals you need to prospect effectively — all in one powerful platform.

Prospect using advanced filtering
DataFox filtering interface

Find prospects using ideal customer profiles

Filter over a million companies by 40+ defined dimensions or create your own boolean search.

Pre-built lists in DataFox

Leverage 10,000+ pre-built lists

Lists such as the Inc 5000 and the Deloitte Fast 500 come fully populated with account and contact information.

Pre-built lists in DataFox
DataFox filtering interface

Filter out known prospects and customers

Find truly new prospects by connecting your CRM and filtering out the accounts that you’re already pursuing.

Similar companies

Quickly identify similar companies

Pinpoint new companies in your territory that resemble your best prospects and customers.

Similar companies
DataFox company signal

Get alerted to valuable company signals

Save a search to be the first to know when DataFox discovers a new prospect in your territory.

RainforestQA logo

“With all the new prospects that DataFox has uncovered, Rainforest QA was able to scale our outbound sales development team from 2 to 5 members.”

Jake Biskar
Jake Biskar, Head of Sales Development
Contact information card

Unlock contact information

Save time and minimize guesswork by accessing phone and email information for contacts at target companies.

Contact information card

See which conferences your prospects are attending

DataFox tracks thousands of conferences and their participants. Use these insights to find new prospects, justify your trip, and book more meetings.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Sync everything to your CRM

Push contacts and accounts to Salesforce with one click and get alerted to possible duplicates.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Ditch the grunt work.

Get started with account-based prospecting.

The Most Advanced Radar for Business Signals

DataFox identifies and delivers signals on the accounts that are most likely to drive your business forward.

Map of the world showing company signals occurring everywhere
DataFox Signals stats
Data Integrity Report

Your days of missing valuable signals are over

DataFox aggregates 100,000+ new signals every week. Choose from 68 signal types to craft your own custom alerts.

Managed by Q Logo

“With DataFox we get the company buying signals which we need to effectively prospect, delivered in real-time.”

Daniel Weitzenfeld
Daniel Weitzenfeld, VP of Data
DataFox daily and weekly alerts

Timeline iconMonitor signal timelines on a company or list

View a complete timeline of signals from DataFox or Salesforce.

Alarm bell iconReceive daily or weekly alerts

Customize email alerts on relevant companies and signals.

Watch iconGet alerts in real-time

Get personalized signals in real-time with DataFox for Slack.

DataFox daily and weekly alerts

Access the signals API

Query DataFox for 68 signal types on any company, like funding announcements, office openings, and more.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Get signals in your CRM

See signals in Salesforce on accounts, leads, and contacts.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Give context to your meaningless lead list.

Open more doors with signals.

Database Management for Account-Based Everything

Redefine how your organization finds and manages important account data with DataFox.

Data Integrity Report

See a full picture of your data's health

A comprehensive data health report tells you how your data compares to our squeaky-clean, proprietary dataset.

Data Issues Resolved

Expertly resolve data issues

DataFox data experts will work with you to determine personalized resolutions to bad data.

Invoca Logo

“We use DataFox as our source of truth because their headcount and technology stack information is dead-on.”

David Aguilar
David Aguilar, Director of Sales Ops at Invoca
Data Issues Resolved
Data Integrity Report

Enrich leads and accounts

Get 40+ verified company data points on leads, contacts, and accounts in your database.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Refresh data as needed

Download DataFox insights to your database as needed or have changes automatically pushed to reportable CRM fields daily.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Execute custom data projects

We specialize in finding and organizing data. Let DataFox handle your next custom data project.

Stop manually updating prospect fields.

Let DataFox manage your account data.

Data-Driven Conference Strategy Unlocked

Thousands of your customers attend conferences each year. Find the events they’re attending with conference intelligence.

Identify prospect-rich conferences to attend

Use DataFox conference intelligence to prioritize events based on prospect and customer density.


Find new target accounts to prospect

Sort conference participation lists by criteria like tech stack, headcount, industry, and whether or not they exist in Salesforce.

Bright Talk

With DataFox, we have full visibility on hundreds of conferences we are following and thousands more we weren't. This allows us to know exactly when and where our customers, prospects, and partners will be in-market. This was impossible to do at scale without DataFox.

David Pitta
David Pitta, VP Marketing
Contact information card

Get contacts and the right context to book in-person meetings

Unlock contact information and company signals to personalize outreach and schedule face-to-face time.

See which conferences your prospects are attending.

Book in-person meetings today.