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We create the data foundation to implement your account-based strategies

Rather than building complex models on shaky datasets, we used AI and data science to build a powerful data foundation upon which our customers could effortlessly implement their own strategic plans.


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Verifed & updated in our
database every day


Of data science engineering
dedicated since 2013


Invested by analysts in algorithm
training + data verification

How Does DataFox Apply Artificial Intelligence?

DataFox AI powers the core of our dataset, from our Company Matching Engine, to our Similar Companies Algorithm, to our Industry Keyword Classifier.

For instance, over 25 engineering years have gone into our Signals Engine, which identifies usable Signals (e.g. executive hires or headcount growth) from billions of documents across the web.

How Good Is Our Data?

This stuff is hard. Companies relocate, hire and fire, and change all the time; a data point verified last week is likely already out of date.

It's impossible to achieve “perfect” data quality - we know that. The best we can do is use a multi-layered regime of analyst workflows and computer-powered anomaly detection.

With the help of our customers, we are becoming the best in the business.

But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

We no longer have to worry that our reps are working the wrong accounts and they have a better mechanism to prospect for new companies and prioritize.

Jason Westerberg

Jason Westerberg

Global Business Ops Manager

Datafox provides great account level data, and the connection to Salesforce is flawless, allowing you to bring in any custom fields you want.

Ben Knecht

Ben Knecht

Sr. Analyst, Sales Ops

We use DataFox to direct our sales team where to focus. We use DataFox to help our marketing team do segment messaging and deliver relevant content. We use DataFox to keep our database clean. We couldn’t do everything that we do without it.

Palen Schwab

Palen Schwab

Director of Sales & Marketing Ops