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DataFox filtering interface

Harness the power of robust company intelligence

Build and track your pipeline with hard-to-find data on over 2 million companies. With over 40 different data fields, get a truly unique, more complete view of your total addressable market.

Find companies by

40+ firmographic data points

DataFox filtering interface

Build lists of companies similar to your customers

Use DataFox’s Similar Companies Engine to identify companies most similar to ones where you’ve had recent success.

DataFox filtering interface
Pre-built lists in DataFox

Use Signal data to build lists of companies and rank them

Surface high value companies that have reached the milestones that make them a great target for you. Choose from 68 different signal types and set up automated, personalized alerts to reps on accounts that are in their territory or sector.

Monitor Your Target Companies

Find all companies that recently

60+ signal types classified

Similar companies

Enrich any company list with 40+ data points (in minutes)

With DataFox’s powerful List Cruncher, import any CSV or spreadsheet of companies and export it fully enriched with account data.

Similar companies

“We use Datafox to build territories, create company news triggers, and surface net new companies. We have scaled from 2 to 12 SDRs while relying heavily on Datafox as our data foundation.

Jake Biskar

Head of Sales Development

Establish your account-based growth engine.

Get platform access for your team and infuse everyone’s workflows with intelligent company data.