Monitor your target companies for growth Signals

Choose from 68 signal types to craft your own custom alerts.


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Your days of missing valuable signals are over

DataFox aggregates 100,000+ new signals every week.

DataFox Salesforce Sync
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Track companies to learn when they reach key milestones

Customize your alerts to focus only on the Signal types you care about. With Signals, you get real time insights on the companies you care about, within your workflow.

Craft your own custom alerts.

Choose from 68 signal types to customize your alerts to the company milestones that matter to you.

Get alerts when your targets

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Get business signals pushed into your CRM

See signals in Salesforce on accounts, leads, and contacts.


DataFox Salesforce Sync
DataFox Salesforce Sync

Build lists of companies using Signals

Find all companies that have reached a specific milestone.

Find More Best-Fit Accounts

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Access the signals API

Query DataFox for 68 signal types on any company, like funding announcements, office openings, and more.

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DataFox Salesforce Sync

“With DataFox we get the company buying signals, which we need to effectively prospect, delivered in real-time to Slack. These insights enable our reps to reach out long before the competition does.”

Daniel Weitzenfeld

VP of Data

Stay on top of the companies you care about without all the noise.

Learn how our customers use Signals to improve their tracking and prospecting processes.