Introducing CRM Orchestration

Redefine how your organization finds and manages important company insights with DataFox.


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Complete CRM Account Management

Business teams are held back by the amount of CRM data they need to find and manage. DataFox enables business teams to automate that work in the cloud using CRM Orchestration.

Resolve CRM data issues once and for all with an initial CRM cleanse and automatic, ongoing data refresh.

Identify your entire addressable market to focus your business teams on the companies that matter.

Create ideal customer profiles to better prioritize business relationships.

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Superior Company Insights

Find new business opportunities that meet your ICP using superior intelligence. DataFox applies advanced machine learning and natural language processing to capture and verify insights on millions of businesses.

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“We use DataFox as our source of truth because their headcount and technology stack information is dead-on.”

David Aguilar
David Aguilar, Director of Sales Ops at Invoca
Data Issues Resolved
Data Integrity Report

On-going Marketing and Sales Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is critical for every growing business. By connecting the dots between various systems, DataFox enables close alignment among business teams.

Match leads to accounts in your marketing automation and CRM systems for a comprehensive look at high-value accounts.

Enrich incoming leads with company insights from DataFox and your CRM for effective lead scoring and routing.

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Dynamic CRM Workflows

Accelerate employee productivity by guiding better, faster decision-making. DataFox creates dynamic workflows that everyone on the business team can access.

DataFox Salesforce Sync

Gain control of your CRM.

Orchestrate your sales and marketing intelligence with DataFox.