Account Data for Leads

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Surface more marketing qualified leads

Append account-level insights to your leads, such as account location, headcount, and your custom account scores. Better data fill rates lead to more leads from prime target accounts that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks.


Improve lead routing and alert mechanisms

Once enriched with account data, you can implement automated lead routing so that the right leads get to the right reps quicker and more accurately than ever. Set up automated rules based on headcount, location, industry, and one of 50+ firmographic data points we provide.


Close the divide between leads and accounts

Lead comes in from a company that doesn't match any account in your CRM? No problem, powerful lead to company matching means that we can find a home for your leads whether or not you have an account for them yet. Build lists of companies to add to Salesforce based on these intent signals from your marketing funnel.


Revive marketing dollars lost in lead lists

Lead to Company to Account matching unlocks powerful new workflows. First, accurately rank your campaign leads based on account-level intelligence and engagement. Second, discover target accounts showing lead-level intent that was lost in your old campaign-level data!


Unlock new addressable market for your business

With leads mapped to companies, you can surface the companies from which you’ve had lots of leads. Build lists of companies whose employees have shown intent and then add them to your CRM as accounts.

“Accurate account data is critical to the success of any account-based strategy for territory planning, lead enrichment, and distribution. We use DataFox as a source of truth because their headcount and technology stack information are extremely accurate.

David Aguilar

Director of Sales Operations