Find more best-fit accounts to expand your addressable market

signal data

Search for new accounts using 40+ targeting criteria

Find more best-fit prospects that have the highest probability of closing using our industry-leading account discovery platform.


Build lists of companies that reached a specific milestone

Find companies that have opened a new office, won a patent, hired a key executive, and many more proprietary Signals detected by DataFox.

Discover accounts similar to your best customers

The easiest companies to close are ones most similar to your existing customers. Identify the low hanging fruit with DataFox similar companies, and easily grow your revenue numbers.


Find hidden gems on conference or award lists

Surface companies that are sponsoring conferences in the sectors you focus on or who are being distinguished in major award lists.

Conferences & Award Lists

Unearth every company that

is in my CRM | is headquartered in my target geography | is in my territory | one of my friends works for | has had a lot of its employees come to events we sponsor | is one of the old accounts in our CRM | is in the top 10% of our top scoring accounts | has not been contacted recently by any of our sales reps | is in the top 10 percentile of all my target accounts


recently raised a funding round. | is opening offices in other big cities. | is going to one of the next 3 conferences I am going to. | my company has a new opportunity to do business with them. | fits our best-fit prioritization criteria. | is no longer in business (so I can hide it). | is currently hiring the types of employees that tend to buy our solutions. | has had a few of its employees sign up for our content. | is not currently assigned to any of my outbound reps.

Find the best-fit accounts that aren’t yet in your CRM

Using countless data points and Account Search criteria, surface unknown best-fit accounts.

Push new accounts into your CRM in seconds

Create new accounts, pre-populated with rich company data, by building target lists of companies for DataFox to add to Salesforce as Accounts.

Get alerts on newly-surfaced, best-fit accounts

Use our dynamic lists to have new ideal companies recommended to you automatically. Set up an alert or push these net new accounts directly into your workflows.

“We use Datafox to build territories, create company news triggers, and surface net new companies. We have scaled from 2 to 12 SDRs while relying heavily on Datafox as our data foundation.

Jake Biskar

Head of Sales Development

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