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Jake Biskar

Jake Biskar

Sales Development

“Building a sustainable prospecting engine is incredibly challenging. DataFox is a critical part our opportunity sourcing process. With all the new prospects that DataFox has uncovered, Rainforest QA was able to scale our outbound sales development team from 2 to 5 members.”

DataFox reveals patterns among your best customers so that you can find more like them

DataFox’s insights dashboard leverages rich firmographic, sector, signal, and technographic data to surface commonalities among companies. Discover patterns across your best customers so that you can use those characteristics to find more "ideal fit" prospects that have the highest probability of closing.

Discover new ideal fit companies to expand your addressable market

Find ideal fit target accounts using DataFox’s industry-leading company search and discovery. Find every company that meets your criteria: technologies used, funding stage, growth signals, and 50+ other fields. Find net new targets by filtering out accounts that are already in your CRM. Set up dynamic lists on auto-pilot to receive a steady feed of new target accounts that meet your criteria.

Design your sales territories quickly and equitably

Now that you have accurate data in your CRM, it’s easy to carve intelligent and equitable sales territories. You know that you have all of the best companies in your CRM and you have accurate headcount, location, and growth data. Use that data to make sure all of your reps have a reasonable chance to beat quota.

Prioritize your reps’ activities by tiering accounts using the best data and a strategy you control

Segment your target accounts into tiers that you prioritize based on characteristics shared by your best customers. Score your leads, contacts, and accounts based on their propensity to become customers. You pull the levers on your business strategy and DataFox’s data implements it for you.

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