Data Foundations

Establish a clean foundation for your sales organization


Casey Clegg

Casey Clegg

Sr. Sales Director

“Our outbound reps used to spend over half their day on research and data input. With DataFox, our reps spend more time actually calling on prospects.”

Diagnose data integrity issues to separate great accounts from CRM debris

DataFox uses advanced anomaly detection algorithms to identify duplicates accounts, stale records, and hidden corruptions in your CRM data.

Repair data irregularities to avoid errors and misplaced activities

Get to a clean set of priority accounts to avoid missed opportunities and future data management headaches. DataFox shows you which accounts to update, link, and remove.

Match existing account records to DataFox company profiles with two-factor validation

DataFox two-factor match algorithms compare your existing accounts against our clean data set. Our machine-learned algorithms avoid a litany of pathological matching errors to ensure that only high confidence matches are synced to your CRM.

Enrich your database with DataFox data and insights

Append firmographic, technographic, and signal data to your accounts, leads, and contacts. Improve your company scoring, lead routing, and account segmentation with rich data infused into your workflows.

Refresh data continuously to maintain a clean data foundation forever

Never worry about good opportunities getting overlooked due to stale data. DataFox ensures that you have fresh data on your leads, contacts, and accounts so that your reports surface the best target accounts and your teams are focusing on the highest ROI opportunities.

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