Upgrade your CRM with intelligent company data

Expand business and grow revenue with a robust and automatically refreshing data foundation.


Separate great accounts from CRM debris

Advanced anomaly detection algorithms unearth stale records, hidden corruptions, and duplicates in your CRM data. Use this account data diagnostic account as a roadmap for your data cleansing initiatives.

Repair hard-to-find data irregularities

Update, link or remove irregularities to transform your CRM’s account registry into a clean set of priority companies.

Enrich and expand your CRM database

Append firmographic, technographic, and signal data to your accounts, leads, and contacts. Improve your company scoring, lead routing, and account segmentation with rich data infused into your workflows.

Account records are matched to DataFox using two-factor validation for unprecedented accuracy.

Our machine-learned algorithms avoid a litany of pathological matching errors to ensure that only high confidence matches are synced to your CRM.

Maintain a clean CRM data foundation, forever

Never worry about missed opportunities caused by stale data again. By continually refreshing your CRM data, DataFox eliminates the headaches of doing your own company data management.

Account Data for AccountsAccount Data for Leads

Refocus on the highest-ROI opportunities

Continuously surface the best target accounts with adaptive company scoring, lead routing, and account segmentation.

But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

We no longer have to worry that our reps are working the wrong accounts and they have a better mechanism to prospect for new companies and prioritize.

Jason Westerberg

Jason Westerberg

Global Business Ops Manager

Datafox provides great account level data, and the connection to Salesforce is flawless, allowing you to bring in any custom fields you want.

Ben Knecht

Ben Knecht

Sr. Analyst, Sales Ops

We use DataFox to direct our sales team where to focus. We use DataFox to help our marketing team do segment messaging and deliver relevant content. We use DataFox to keep our database clean. We couldn’t do everything that we do without it.

Palen Schwab

Palen Schwab

Director of Sales & Marketing Ops