Design data-driven territories with ease

Use intelligent company data to map your sales territories quickly and equitably.

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Design your sales territories quickly and equitably

It’s easy to carve intelligent and equitable sales territories when you have accurate headcount, location, and other data points relevant to your business. DataFox makes it easy to test and develop different territory strategies with powerful filters and list segmentation

Calculate and compare territory strength

With premium company data on every account in your CRM, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons across territories. Report on the # of 1st and 2nd tier accounts in each territory, rather than other more subjective measures of territory strength.

Make sure all your reps have a fair shot at beating quota.

Once you know that each territory is fair, you can be confident in your performance expectations.


Design equitable, data-driven sales territories

Tealium leverages DataFox’s Company Intelligence and Data Management to segment potential customers, design sales territories and create more accurate forecasts.


But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

Accurate account data is critical to the success of any account-based strategy for territory planning, lead enrichment, and distribution. We use DataFox as a source of truth because their headcount and technology stack information are extremely accurate.

David Aguilar

David Aguilar

Director of Sales Operations

Equitable territory design is an exercise in optimization that required my own account scoring model. We went out looking for better data than what we had in our systems today, and that’s when we discovered DataFox.

Laurie Schraeger

Laurie Schraeger

VP of Global Revenue Operations

We use DataFox to direct our sales team where to focus. We use DataFox to help our marketing team do segment messaging and deliver relevant content. We use DataFox to keep our database clean. We couldn’t do everything that we do without it.

Palen Schwab

Palen Schwab

Director of Sales & Marketing Ops