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Drive greater sales and marketing alignment on your account-based strategy

Transparent, adaptable, and guided by rich data and insights. Executives in both sales and marketing organizations can together define a unified strategic direction through the scoring criteria you select and the resulting account score.

Automatically prioritize top targets in your market, forever

Sync your account prioritization models with Salesforce to score your leads, contacts, and accounts based on the account’s propensity to become a customer. Don’t wait until next January to roll out a new strategy - deploy your new strategy every night.

Account Data for AccountsAccount Data for Leads

You’re in the driver’s seat. Refresh, update, and adapt your scoring model at any time

Gone are the days of waiting a month for your next spreadsheet or paying extra every time you want to update your scoring model. Update your account strategy any time you discover a new insight. Your smartest competitors are likely using DataFox to move more quickly; you should too.

Find the top targets you do not already know about

Using countless data points and Account Search criteria, surface unknown best-fit accounts.

Find more best fit accounts

Continuously deploy new strategies rather than waiting for annual account tiering

Companies evolve quickly, so should strategies to target them. Every incoming deal offers invaluable insight about your ICP and addressable market. With a scoring model that automatically updates across all systems and objects, the learnings from each incoming deal can finally be factored in, at scale.

Account Data for AccountsAccount Data for Leads

But don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

We love using DataFox. It helps us align our ABM and prospecting efforts better than any piece of software I've used in the past. Our marketing team uses DataFox to create dynamic lists of high-scoring accounts, which are pulled into our ABM model to support outbound sales.

Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy

VP of Marketing

DataFox pairs standard firmographics with proprietary signals which are custom to our business. This helps my team prioritize the accounts who are most likely to spend with Zendesk.

Nic Stergion

Nic Stergion

Sales Development Manager

DataFox is instrumental in enriching our Salesforce leads and accounts with valuable data points for location, headcount, and industry, so our sales team knows which accounts to prioritize for closing more business.

Madeline Lauf

Madeline Lauf

Manager, Marketing Operations