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Daniel Weitzenfeld

Daniel Weitzenfeld

VP of Data

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“With DataFox we get the company buying signals, which we need to effectively prospect, delivered in real-time to Slack. These insights enable our reps to reach out long before the competition does.”

Enrich your inbound leads to surface more marketing qualified leads and drive automated routing

Automatically match leads to accounts and ingest 50+ rich data points into Salesforce or your marketing automation. Use incremental data (e.g. company headcount, location, or technologies used) to uncover more qualified opportunities.

Monitor your target accounts so that you know when they reach a key milestone

DataFox identifies and delivers signals that are indicative of buying behavior (e.g. new office openings, new fundraises, and key executive hires). Choose from 68 different signal types and set up automated, personalized alerts to reps on accounts that are in their territory or sector.

Prospect for executive contacts using contact search and surface the best scoring leads using our enrichment data

Find direct contact information on your target accounts or leverage our shortcuts to LinkedIn searches to find shared connections. Empower your team to reach out to the right contacts with the right context at the right time. Eliminate the grunt work of researching every lead manually by infusing rich data into your workflows.

Configure automated outreach campaigns or setup intelligent queues to help your reps act more efficiently

Leverage signal alerts as trigger mechanisms for outreach campaigns. Queue up future sequences for your reps to execute without the mental overhead of hunting for their next activity. Focus your team’s efforts on the kinds of activities that align to your company’s strategy. Increase productivity by removing manual data grunt work.

Identify conferences that your target accounts will attend so you can meet them face-to-face

Use DataFox Conference Intelligence to find upcoming events with the highest density of your top prospects or existing accounts participating. Use these insights to allocate conference budget in a data-driven way. Uncover which events are likely to drive the largest number of booked meetings per dollar spent.

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