Automate prospecting tasks with intelligent triggers

Harness premium business data to find the right prospects at the right time, and infuse insights into your existing workflows without all the grunt work.


Alert reps whenever their accounts reach a milestone

DataFox identifies and delivers signals that are indicative of buying behavior. Choose from 68 different signal types and set up automated, personalized alerts to reps on accounts that are in their territory or sector.

Configure automated outreach campaigns and setup intelligent queues to increase your reps efficiency.

Leverage signal alerts as trigger mechanisms for outreach campaigns. Queue up future sequences for your reps to execute on without the mental overhead of hunting for their next activity.

Leverage your team’s social connections

Import LinkedIn connections to surface connections at target accounts. Empower your team to reach out to the right contacts with the relevant context at the right time.

Be notified about every new best-fit prospect

Set up automated alerts and triggers any time a company newly meets your targeting criteria so that you can continually expand and update your account-based activities.

“DataFox increases the number of deals sourced by helping to identify and prioritize business opportunities that would otherwise be missed. It's an exciting time as a sales leader to leverage powerful CRM orchestration technology.”

Joe Caprio

VP of Inside Sales


Discover high-value accounts and systematically engage them.

The Rainforest QA sales reps leverage DataFox to ensure that high-value prospects are discovered and systematically engaged.