Who Benefits?


Focus on prospecting, not researching

Map with directions

Expand your territory with net-new prospects

Expand your universe of targets by filtering over a million companies by keyword, location, headcount, or 20+ other dimensions - including whether or not they’re in your Salesforce database. Then, push those new accounts into Salesforce in one click. Spend your time selling, instead of on research and grunt work.

Washing machine

Cleanse and prioritize your accounts

We aggregate information from sources like Google, CrunchBase, and Salesforce so you don’t have to copy-paste messy data. We’ll automatically refresh your Salesforce instance with data and news, so you can prioritize all your accounts knowing that they’re up to date.

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Example company signal of Karmic Labs raising a round from investors Greycroft Partners and Marketplace Fund

Receive automated, relevant company signals

Stop opening 12 browser tabs looking for the perfect reason to reach out. We process over 1,000 news sources an hour to find important company milestones, such as new hires, office expansions and media mentions. Start your day with a summary of key news from your tracked accounts and new companies that meet your criteria, delivered right to your inbox.

Sales Operations

Empower Your Reps


Remove obstacles to closing more deals

Salespeople spend an average of 11 minutes on research before every call they make. DataFox cuts that number down to 3, effectively doubling your team’s output. Automate the process of finding and prioritizing new prospects, keeping your team engaged and productive.

Map with directions

Make territory planning easy

Use over 20 filtering options to identify all possible accounts in a rep’s territory. DataFox then checks if those accounts are already in Salesforce - if they aren’t, create those accounts in Salesforce with just one click.

Keep your data clean and current

We focus on updating companies as much as adding new ones. Datafox processes over 1,000 news sources every hour to give you the most up-to-date information, and our matching software makes sure you’re truly getting net-new companies. DataFox’s Salesforce integration automatically refreshes your current accounts, so you can easily manage a growing sales team.

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Enable prioritization and personalization at scale

Organize and prioritize sub-sectors using keywords instead of traditional NAICS and SIC categories, which miss emerging industries. Then, our automated alerts deliver relevant signals on target accounts as they happen, enabling your team to stay updated. With DataFox your representatives can increase close rates and pursue more opportunities.


Optimize Your Account-Based Marketing


Identify target companies for account-based marketing

Identify target accounts using DataFox’s robust filtering - including whether or not they’re already in Salesforce. Sift through pre-built targeting lists, then filter by keyword, headcount, revenue, location, and 20 other data points to find your best target customers.

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Prioritize accounts using company signals and growth indicators

Enable your sales reps to prioritize their time with automated company signals, headcount changes and more. We use artificial intelligence to identify companies poised to grow in revenue and size, so you’re the first to know who to target.

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Search, analyze, and scout conferences

Search over 1,500 conferences by keyword, location, and date, and see which of your tracked accounts will be attending. We put exhibitor and sponsor information at your fingertips so you can easily prioritize your conference strategy, and find can’t-miss conferences and tradeshows.

Financial Services

Find the Best Investments in Less Time

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Discover companies flying under the radar

DataFox sifts through thousands of news sources to discover 750 new investment opportunities every day. Build an industry or competitor list in seconds, and receive notifications when new companies meet your criteria. Companies enter our database even before they’ve raised money, so you’ll be the first to know.

Screenshot of Conference lists in DataFox

Prioritize conferences to attend

Search over 1,500 conferences by keyword, location, and date, and filter participants by revenue, location, fundraising stage, and over 30 other data points. DataFox integrates with Salesforce to show which of your tracked companies are participating in any event, and provides contact information for key executives.

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The information you need, all in one place

In addition to investor, competitor, sector and company information, our predictive algorithms identify companies poised for growth. We aggregate and automatically refresh our company data, so you don’t have to spend hours searching through Google or running Vlookups. DataFox takes the grunt work out of researching and evaluating your target companies.